Oranges and lemons 1A

Why ORANGES??? Why do I have to act so weird around oranges? Everyone thinks I’m a freak already, and now this!!! How long do I have to ” be patient and nice”? Everyone including my mom think that I have a defect, as if I’m some broken product. If you’re curious, I’ll tell you my story, based on oranges, anger and a whole lot of others.

It all started with me buying those medicines from a doctor.

I am Mark. I have had a speech impediment since I was seven. But that impediment was not the problem. My anger was. After 7 years (of the impediment), I decided to go see a doctor on my strange case : anger. Why my mother did not notice anything wrong with me, was because she was “too busy”, I guess.

That’s the moment when I felt anger burning up inside of myself, this little hot ball of fury just waiting to jut off, and then I ended up taking anger management classes. Now don’t take me wrong, but when I get angry, it gets really weird.I start to unleash my anger on everybody( without speaking),  and trust me that’s not a pretty sight to see. My eyes go all squinty and I keep yelling- no, screeching, and it’s very painful.

When all this happened, I started to have a mixed feeling of emotions, mostly anger, as I was shunned out. That’s when I snuck out the house, through the window, to the doctor Peterson, who lived on Elm street. No wonder I was unlucky, as today was Friday the 14th. He gave me an orange, and said, ” I understhaand whaths you are going sthrough. Eath this. Now don’ths give me that queer look. I experienceth exacthly the same when I was your age, and this fruith, oho, it solveth aaalll my problems. Have ith. ” he said, slitherily. Or was it just his lisp?

That’s where all the trouble started.

And now……………………

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