Books that I authored

I love reading love getting lost in the pages. I prefer reading physical books to e-books. I think it is because I prefer the tactile feel 🙂

My first book was published when I was nine years old. My first mythological book was published when I was eleven.

  1.   The Adventures of Morty |
  2.   Muruga : The God of War  |
  3.   Shalya : Stories from the Mahabharata | Click here

These books are coming out soon

  • The Ghatotkacha Game : Marketing lessons from Mythology (co-written with Pravin Shekar
  • Ashtamangala – The first book in the “Did You Know?” series. This book focuses on the eight sacred objects across religions.

I am collecting and reading various mythologies. I am searching for lesser known stories and characters. If you know of any, I request your help in this quest.