Marketing lessons from Mythology :
The Ghatotkacha Game (co-written with Pravin Shekar)

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I call myself “The Teen Mythologist”. I have published two books, with three coming out soon. I am an avid reader, and love to travel, take photographs, doodle, and listen to music. 


I love reading love getting lost in the pages. I prefer reading physical books to e-books.
I think it is because I prefer the tactile feel 🙂

My first book was published when I was nine years old.
My first mythological book was published when I was eleven.

Muruga : The God of War
The Adventures of Morty
Shalya : Stories from the Mahabharata

These books are coming out soon

Ashtamangala The first book in the “Did You Know?” series. This book focuses on the eight sacred objects across religions.

I am collecting and reading various mythologies. I am searching for lesser known stories and characters. If you know of any, I request your help in this quest.


I specialize in portrait photography. Please have a look at my pictures and write to me for clicking your family keepsakes.


Art Gallery

Doodle doodle burning bright
In the forest of the night!
Paraphrasing William Blake.

I love doodling and creating random images.


Ruhee Bhatnagar
(A 11-year old from Hyderabad)
I absolutely loved the book. The stories were gripping and awesome. The drawings were creative. I actually thought that mythology was very boring. After reading Shalya, I found out that it is pretty interesting.
Akhil Gokul
author of The Double Loop
“I am a big fan of Shradha and have read all her books,. Shalya’s stories are unique, engrossing and unputdownable. Her story telling style is so good and can be enjoyed by both adults and children.”
Darshan Ravi
A 11-year old auto enthusiast from Chennai
It was very interesting. I enjoyed reading it. I have never heard about most of the stories and it was enlightening. Anybody who likes reading mythology should read this book. My favorite story was "A lesson in focus" as it shows you can only achieve something if you put in your full focus.