From Shraddha

SeaOh The Sea

Oh the sea goes by and by,

Never stopping, never stopping

Always on the run.

It seems to stop here and there

Though almost never stopping

Always with the tides.

Oh the sea

It goes places

We’ve never seen before

But it always comes back to us

Not because it misses us so

But because it has to keep up

With itself

Oh the sea

Never stopping, busy as it goes

Even more than a businessman

It works, it works

It strives to keep itself clean

But it cannot do so

All because of its friends, the men

Oh the sea

It glimmers and shines in the sunlight

But it’s outshone beauty is lost within the trash

Its friends the men have thrown

That beauty outside I’d like to admire isn’t seen

But only lost to never come again

But oh the sea

Oh the sea

Never stopping though it seems

Is always there for its friends, the men

And it returns the favour its friends have forgot

It shares its inner helping self

And that is the beauty of the sea

Oh the sea

Oh the sea

When will we yet realise what we have done to you?

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